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Ingrid Tegner
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Ingrid's undergraduate years began at Occidental College in Los Angeles and in 1984 she graduated from San Francisco State University, cum laude, with a Bachelors in International Relations.  As part of the junior year abroad, she spent one year studying International Development in Uppsala, Sweden. Her first job after graduation was at an international bank in Stockholm. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Banking, however, was not her calling.

Soon after her children were born, poetry therapy came into her life. Thinking this may be a career path for her, she studied poetry therapy facilitation at St Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington, DC for two years. Her desire to do clinical poetry therapy, brought her back to school and she received her Masters of Social Work in 1997 from University of Maryland at Baltimore.

She worked for six years at a residential treatment facility, providing therapy, mostly in the form of poetry therapy. She became a certified poetry therapist in 2002, a Mentor/Supervisor in poetry therapy in 2005 and has been training poetry therapy facilitators since 2006. Since 2000, she has been a respected presenter of poetry therapy workshops and trainings at a variety of conferences nationwide. She led the Research Committee as its Chair while serving on the board of directors of the National Association for Poetry Therapy. She investigated the connection between poetry therapy and emotional resilience as part of an international research team. The results of that study were published in the September 2009 issue of the Journal of Poetry Therapy.

Her specialized coach training started with Coach University in 2005. She subsequently trained with the Success Unlimited Network and acquired specific ADD/ADHD training from JST Coaching. In 2010, she added a creativity coach training and became a certified Muse facilitator. This whimsical approach to coaching brings more fun into the process. Ingrid is very interested in all aspects of creativity, especially in relation to the aging process. She is currently pursuing a Certificate on Aging from Johns Hopkins University.


Ingrid lives in Maryland but her family provides her with connections to England, Sweden, Washington, Texas and California. Getting married in Sweden and raising her children in two countries gave her another language, an international perspective and an understanding of the ex-pat experience. Her own creative process is a priority and it takes many forms: drawing, printmaking, knitting, journaling, poetry, photography, Celtic harp, collage, dancing, and game design. This list changes as she discovers new things to keep the creative channel open. She also enjoys walking, cross-country skiing and hiking which keep her connected to the natural world.

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